YoursGift FAQs is a platform to be used as a catalog and ordering service. The website is a complete product offering as well as to provide services. we have searched for the most meaningful ideas, and partnered with crafters, independent designers and amazing businesses to provide you a one stop destination for all your gifting needs. Take a browse at the website and get what you want!

Our community list their best collections for sale, and also each ‘’GIVER’’ will have the opportunity to personalize a handmade gift. If you can’t find your item match in the store, fill in the form MAKE MY GIFT and get your personalized gift in less than 10 days. That’s so simple!

CREATE with our community : From talented people making special crafts, to rural artisans in the mountains: we design, select and collect gifts for your beloved ones. We can sense the presence of great feelings and a profound love and gratitude for each and every being while making each craft.  It is such an honour to show their unique and magical talent to people they never meet but make the most precious gifts.

We make every attempt to deliver your gifts to you as quickly as possible. Factors including where each person in the gifting chain is located, and the item availability.

Our version of the rule of third:  joyeful, tasty and irreplaceable ! Choose what you want and we will get in touch with you for what we call ‘’GIFTING PROTOCOLE”.

Eat : For foodies, you can savor a new meal or have your friends or family around for a planned lunch or dinner. We take care of everything.

Heal : For your soul and mind, move your body in ways that liberates all the sorrows and feel a new energy that heals all you wounds.

Travel : Engage in an outdoor activity, what was before on your To-Do list is now a reality.




Every deep soul will be attracted to the site because of several key value reasons, if you are reading this, so you got the point !

We will build a community of supporters and skills-providers whom will encourage crafters and artists to implement new designs as they work and explore a whole different use and combination of materials. This will be done by providing them the necessary materials, supervisory input, business advices and insights into packaging and marketing, all in a practical manner by creating opportunities and expanding each ‘’YOURSGIFTER’’ skills and artworks. 

YOURSGIFT is committed to maintaining the crafter and ‘’GIVER’’ confidence and trust, and to protect any personal information provided online, we offer the Basic confidentiality policy which is that all personal information, such as name, postal and email address or telephone number, is private and confidential. Accordingly, the personal information is accessible only by the project founder, and is used only for the purposes for which the information is provided (such as to respond to an order request or to process ‘’the gifting protocole’’). All our proposed  online payment means are secured via SSL system.

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