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You gotta have faith..

A dear person to you is suddenly unwell and suffering. After being admitted to a hospital, the doctor kept listing all complications that scares you. In one second, you realize nothing is gonna be the same like before. You wish it a dream but all is real and happening.. 

When it comes to hospitals, I ignore a lot, I have so many questions, and so few answers. But when it comes to the patient families I don’t need to ask, the silence and warm smiles in every doctor’s waiting room says it all. 

The expression “ Just have faith and be strong, it will work out” is used by people to encourage and comfort each other. But just how each one of us define strength and faith, and does it really work? 

True, living faith requires much more than words. It requires an evidence. as faith is tied to God’s truth, we recognize most clearly our faith of God’s love — in the dark moments.

Only few people has this ability to look to God when darkness inevitably falls. God allow difficulties in our lives that are not the result of anything we’ve done but are an opportunity to strengthen our faith. Hardships test the heart, showing us what our faith needs.

In moments of darkness, we reach to God’s Word and immerse ourselves in it regularly. We feel strength in the words we repeat the most, like ‘ it will be fine’.

What helps our feelings to be stronger is the daily positive attitude hoping that it would eventually be fine — which it always do. Either you chose to suffer or chose to accept life the way it has become, nothing you do can bring health back but you can appreciate what is left.

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