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The invisible world

I’ve seen lots of thoughts, feelings and emotions. I’ve watched expressions of anger, joy, depression, and bliss.. We cannot escape any part of ourselves, because we are conscious. No matter how confused we are, we will come back for every part of ourselves that has been left out. so, What liberates the self?

If you really want to know, you’ve got to be prepared to lose your whole world. As you just take few minutes to be silent and feel your surroundings, as you let the sounds become known, also become aware of the scent and the feel of the space around you in and outside of the room so that your feeling sense is not confined to your physical presence.

Stop running continuous monologues or dialogues in your head and notice that the more you relax, these sounds and experiences penetrate you and flow into you without defense.

Invite yourself into these mysterious moments. You may find that the sense of a barrier between you and the invisible world becomes very transparent’ll be born again. Every human being who had succeed this experience has spoken of the timeless, formless essence of life beyond the physical body and physical experience, To touch the invisible means to break mind and logic.

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