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My first 6 artisans to collaborate with ...

The first store :

Naïve art is now a fully recognized art genre, represented in art galleries worldwide,It is an art of imagination. I found Si Nourddine creating paintings characterized by a candid representation of the daily life and by the use of bright and pure colors.

Nourddine and Khalid are self-taught and their works are often transcended by a kind of childish simplicity showing spontaneity with a particular attention paid to detail. 

Naïve art tells life and the colors used are clean and pure. The naive painters do not seek to innovate. They usually paint in a traditional way, on canvas and in oil. The painting takes days and days, and the result is magnificent and shows the artisan’s soul.

The second store :

Mohamed uses Resin to add a fancy effect to his paints. This medium demands patience, but the final result makes it all worthwhile. He has learned how to laminate his artwork with art resin  to create a unique and amazing resin piece of art. 

He said “ When working with resin, I wear a mask, gloves, eye protection and work in a well ventilated area. resin painting takes about 10 days to be created. BUT I enjoy every part of it”.

Each artwork is pure handmade and is carefully painted by the artist. The stunning three-dimensional paintings were created by layers of resin and paint to create depth. Each of them is an original art and serves as great gifts to people of any age.

The third store :

Handmade wool and Leather articles from Kesh Leather Shop, a little business started by a brother and sister. A huge collection of handmade leather products, from bags, wallets and pouches are handmade by experienced craftsmen. Proudly Crafted and Handmade in a little workshop. Rachid, noureddine and their sister Kaltoum use a good quality of wool and leather to handcraft their designs merging new world aesthetics with old world traditions into amazing products. 

The fourth store :

Welcome to Style berbere, a based jewellery shop in Marrakech. Managing Director Moulay Abdelmalek and his team have a wealth of knowledge about jewellery making and natural gemstones and work hard to personally select your stones, matching and checking your design to make sure that you are genuinely excited to receive your jewellery. he said “Our passion for jewellery making goes hand in hand with our dedication to bring each women who enter our shop  the most personal, efficient and high quality treatment.”

Style berbere makes natural stone jewelry that is as natural, colorful and authentic as the people it’s given to.  The women working in the shop are passionate about color combinations, the handmade movement and create magnificent items. You can see how each art piece is made directly and choose yours.

The fifth store :

Imagine a natural material easily shaped into soft and refined shapes, a multicolored material whose beauty, translucency and veining lend themselves to sculpture decorative ornaments and fabulous figurines. That’s Alabaster !

When the sculpture is completed one can see not only the rendering of the artist, but the elegant beauty of the stone.  To the sculptor there is a “feel” to it which is unique of all other stones. It says, “elegance” to the carving.

IDRISS’s sculpture honors the shape and beauty of each stone he carve. We invite you to browse our selections of hand crafted Alabaster carvings. Embracing the light from within, Alabaster holds a warmth and presence that is making it the ideal present for your beloved ones.

The sixth store :

What is yarn? By definition, yarn is a thread made of natural or synthetic fibers and is used for knitting or weaving. But yarn is more than just thread or fibers, yarn is a story. From the beginning of its story while it is still being woven by the delicate hands of the artisan, to the middle as it passes from her hands to yours. The end of the story is how do you feel about it. Whether you bought it to yourself or a gift for your loved ones. 

Handcrafted and intentionally chosen, the yarn crafts supports our mission to help an independent artisan or our women’s entrepreneurial cooperatives. we are looking for women making such beautiful crafts.

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