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When someone asks me ‘’ What perfect gift you think I can find for my beloved one ? “ , my answer would be ‘’ You already did “. That time when you schedule a friend visit or a call with a family member is priceless, because you give of your precious time and you do it unintentionally for the seek of love and closeness.

Any relationship you have will be healthy if you give it time. Time is an essential factor that helps to create strong bonds, love, connections among people. 

Maybe you do plan to spend time with your beloved ones but things do not always go as per the plans. What’s important is how we use our time, in all its forms, the time you spend looking for the perfect gift, planning an activity together, or writing a letter. 

The time spent with someone you care about is life precious jewels that embed in their memories forever, any effort is actually an investment in love, 

With our busy schedules, we tend to lose focus on spending time with our loved ones, even though we want to.

Time is a precious commodity, I’d say creating quality time is also an art because you need to craft it out of seemingly nowhere ! You need to be creative in planning out activities and find ways to involve your beloved ones in normal daily activities, without needing an extra time slot for it.

Daily rituals or the little things that you do daily and on special occasions, helps to build a sense of belonging, contentedness, and inner security within your circle. Daily rituals like the way you greet each other, talk to each other, or say goodbye, what you do at mealtimes or bedtimes, can all be something to share within your quality time.

By spending time together, a very special relationship of trust and intimacy develops that helps build a healthy connection. So, the importance of human connection and why you should spend quality time with family or friends doesn’t remain a question anymore. Now you know it helps create a sense of belonging, where you can share ideas, values, and beliefs.

You need to find some ways to spend time together, and make fun times together. For example, you could share meals together without the distraction of television or cell phones, share information, and learn about what is happening in each other lives. You could play cards, games or sports, take holidays together, go camping, watch movies, or share hobbies.

Like Jim Rohn said, our love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.

You can achieve making a plan for meaningful bonding activities among other things in your life. The time that you enjoy now will become cherished happy memories for all.

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